Ten Quick SEO Tricks and Tips for Blogs

Optimize the “On Page SEO”

The On Page SEO is like an important component in the SEO efforts. The truth is, it is very important to have this right; if not, the left behind SEO tips will not be that effective.

For the on-page SEO, you’ll need to give closer consideration to the label tag, meta description, the page URL and also the keyword density of the page (optional). Try placing the target keywords next to the opening of the article. Sprinkle them throughout the article and be sure that it will look natural. Turn away from stuffing keywords since you may get penalized for too much optimization.

SEO tips

Include the parentheses, numbers, and the year in the title

The rivalry of some keywords is truly a fierce. But you can use a simple trick so that you can stick out from the circle and improve your personal click-through rates. Try adding the year in the post titles of your article. Just by adding on the year of the article will weed out from the many competitions and will make the content even more relevant for the users looking for the current information.

It will improve the organic click-through rates (CTR) which is the important ranking signal. But, when the adding of the year will not likely to happen, you may add the numbers, parentheses or brackets to every end of the titles instead. However, the inclusion of the year will mean that the content will appear out-of-date next year. So be sure to update your title and URL as another year approaches.

Get the pages ranked rapidly

When you want the articles to rank rapidly, be sure that you register with the Google Search Console. It is the tool that you will use to monitor the concrete search engine ranks on the search results pages of Google. Once it is registered, you will be notified when Google is having some troubles indexing the pages and then, take the necessary actions to settle your site. To make sure that Google is aware about what the whole blog is all about, you have to submit the sitemap.

The sitemap is simply the file that contained the list of the site’s URLs which you submitted to Google and to some other search engines. This will helps Google and the other search engines in including your site’s pages within the search results more quickly and easily.

Make you are a Blog Mobile Friendly

Lots of people are now browsing the different web and exploring on Google by using their mobile device. Due to the tiny screen size, a desktop version of the site will be troublesome to see and use on the mobile device. So it is just critical to make sure the blog designs to become mobile ready. It is just important and Google has started using the mobile-first index. When the blog is not optimized for the mobile, it will not rank that well, even though it has the best input and the scores are high with some other SEO efforts.

To make the mobile-ready site, your design had to be mobile open. Having a mobile receptive style will mean that your blog automatically tweak to the size of the screen. Google has also begun to show the AMP or the Accelerated Mobile Pages and it is identified with the lightning bolt symbol within a search engine result page.

Mobile friendly blog

SEO Content Writing guidelines

When 2020 already approached, SEO is not anymore working in shorter article writings. Now, it has a lot of work and a lot of writing to do. If you really want to improve your possibility of leveling on the first or the primary search results pages, particularly in blogging, SEO niche, and social media marketing, then, there is really no other way around than to write longer blog posts.

It will help a lot if you have the passion in what you are writing and your topics will give you personal excitement while writing them. Placing everything that you learned into practice will make the whole procedure really a fun learning event where you will get to see initially those that will work and those that will not. Also, for those who are inborn in English speaking, it will give them the opportunity to practice their English writing. Research had shown that advertising long-form content may help you to rank higher. Hoping to write blog advertisements with 1800 terms or words or longer will be a much better starting point. The long-form content may increase the dwell time, like the time somebody spends on your website.

Use LSI Keywords so that it will increase more in the Overall Rankings

Do not worry it is not as dense as it sounds! The LSI means Latent Semantic Indexing. The LSI keywords are phrases and words that Google links with the main keyword. One example is, the topic is about cat food, and the LSI keywords are: “low protein diets”, “lean body”, and “vegan cat”.

These are the related words that Google would anticipate seeing in the comprehensive article regarding your cat food. These are important since they can give the perspective for Google to really comprehend with your page. Google has been moving towards the (RankBrain SEO) machine learning for ranking the pages and will not anymore depend solely on the conventional off-page and on-page SEO rank factors.

Research Link Building Opportunity

When you arrive with the blog post idea, this has to be fresh, unique, and with many long-tail keywords which will bring in the organic traffic. However, how will you know when the topic isn’t overdone or already saturated?

This is where the previously Open Site Explorer or Moz’s Link Explorer now will come in. This is an all-in-one connection building tool that may help you in making better links building researches, and better content marketing with link prospecting. The actual benefit is the capability to see the link profile of the competitions. Plug in their URLs, find the top pages, and overturn engineer their campaigns so it can assist you to take backlinks from the same sites. The link explores is the controlling content marketing tool that is set for any marketers even though it may be a bit technical for starters.

Perform Keyword Research

The keyword research involved finding the series of the famous phrases and words that people are looking for based around the topic. And then you make your attempt to discover what you need to rank for. With no carrying out of the keyword research, you are in danger in using keywords or in writing about the topics that can be appealing to you but had a bit to zero interest to the target users.

When carrying out the keyword research, those best keywords must satisfy the following standards:

Google Keyword Planner permits you to see the keywords fame and see how viable they are.

Good search volume – possibly more traffic for the site

Has commercial intent – are the keywords profitable?

Low competition – and so that you will have the better chance for ranking

You may use the free tools like Answer the Public or the Google Keyword Planner.

Keyword research

Switch to HTTPS in Securing the Site

Google had confirmed that changing to HTTPS provides the small ranking boost. This has been initially announced HTTPS as the ranking signal way back in 2014. Mainly, HTTPS is the secured version of HTTP. Every major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox now show the insecure warning if the site is not HTTPS. You do not want this, since it will make the site appear lesser trustworthy and the people might shun from visiting the entire site.

When you implement the HTTPS for the blog, you will see the following if you are using Chrome. Unfortunately, that is the danger that you will have to get if you have already established the keyword rankings. The rankings dropped because if you switch to the HTTPS from HTTP, and Google considered you are utilizing an exclusive URL so that you are essentially beginning from scratch again.

Whereas it is absolutely the cause for concern, earlier or later you must regain every rank back and traffics must return, given that you implemented HTTPS properly. Some just say it takes anyplace from 2 weeks to 2 months, with the average of 1 month just before all things is being back to normal.

Speedup the Site Your page load speed, with no shadow of any doubt, is an SEO ranking factor.

With the Google is placing more meaning on the mobile-primary index, mobile must go on to be a part of the SEO strategy. The research has revealed that about half of the mobile users leave the website if it does not load within 3 seconds.

10 DIY SEO Tips To Let You Save Money

The SEO or search engine optimization isn’t really advertising. But this will still cost money and time. If you are short on time and have the money, there are SEO consultants or agencies as your alternative. But if you are short on money, you can use these DIY or do-it-yourself search engine optimization tips to enhance your organic standings.

1. Master Keyword Research

Remember to always begin with keyword research. Do not assume that you are knowledgeable about what your consumers want.

You seem to understand your business jargon. But the prospects might apply different terms than the trade colleagues to pertain to your goods or services. Keyword research provides the understanding of the phrases and words that consumers used to locate your products. It will also help to gauge the inquiry for them. It recognizes the keyword themes where the actual searchers used in the search queries.

The ideal keyword tools offered the quantitative demand score, which helps identify the relative worth in targeting every keyword theme. The Google Keyword Planner has been a go-to keyword inquiry tool, though you will need the active Google Ads — previously AdWords — campaign to take with the most useful information. While the Non-Google Keyword inquiry tools include Übersuggest (this is the free Google Auto complete scraper) while SEMrush and Wordtracker (are the two paid alternatives).

keyword search

2. Know Your Competition

Research for the most vital services and products you offer and take note of the most prominent sites in the search engine results, those that allocate the business model together with the ones that are not similar to yours and you compete for the similar searches.

Here are some things that you should know:

a) What are they making well?

b) What are the content themes that they have that you are lacking?

c) Do they construct their site in a different way to target more costly keywords?

d) Do they possess interesting traits to better engage with their prospects?

e) Also, study their benchmark and review their social media activities to discover what their customers are thinking versus what you are hearing and not from your personal view.

computer research

3. Plan Your Site

Through much understanding of what the consumers wanted and the keywords being used to locate those products and the services; identify the pages on the website to address with those search queries.

Owning the list on the paper or the spreadsheet of every top, mid, and the low-tier website pages and with their corresponding keywords direct forms the sources of the website’s architecture. Each medium and high priority keywords from the keyword research must have the corresponding sheet to optimize on the site.

Use the long-tail keyword theme which will drive fewer searches with the normally more specific and much longer — like “how to get the red wine out from the carpet” or “where you can buy wooden hangars”.

planning your websites

4. Optimize Your Site

The next step is the making of the pages and this is usually the hard piece. Depending on the eCommerce platform and the access to designers and developers, you will need to outsource most of this work.

Most of the website now must be mobile receptive to cater in the ever-rising faction of tablets and Smartphone users. The mobile-friendly place is just important for two causes. First, base on Google more than part of the searches came from Smartphones. Be sure that the experiences of those users are engaging and seamless. Second, Google today ranks all the organic search outcomes — for mobile devices and desktop— based on the site’s mobile experience with the page speed.

optimize your website and cellphone application

5. Produce Standard Content

You do not have to begin the blog or turn the business into the publishing company through posting the content every day. It is just not realistic for lots of eCommerce sites. But advertise your personal content regularly. Make a schedule of it weekly or in monthly updates. Remember consistency is the key.

Content doesn’t need to be in text. One example is an architectural firm would publish photos of its projects and with short text descriptions. Realtors would publish the weekly video bulletins together with transcripts. Advertising contents that are tailored to the spending habits of the target audience will be the aim.

create content

6. DIY Public Relations

The link authority is the main constituent of SEO, but buying links have been forbidden by Bing, Google, and some other search engines. That is where public relations and outreach programs come into play. When you have the PR representatives, match up with them so that it will not invalidate their hard works. But if you are doing it yourself, then, read on.

The Google advises website owners to create compelling websites that the users want to advise their friends about those sites that the users visit again and again. This content-heavy method to SEO is the Google’s answer to those ever-present queries about “how to get more links justly?”

A content being produce already must be targeted to the different segments of a blogosphere or the media. The pieces then become discussion starters with the different places, as an inducement for them to jot down about or to link to.

marketing plan

7. Build your Personal, Social Media Network

You can join Twitter and also one or two added social media programs. You have too many options — LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and many more. The social media able you to unite with the customers and the prospects, clients and offered the viewers for your contents.

Considering and nurturing the relationships boosts the SEO within the long run. Boosting the exposure of the content also progresses the likelihood that most of the viewers will blog regarding it or the link to it.

8. Understanding Google Analytics

You cannot optimize what you do not measure. The significance of analytics in the digital marketing is similar to the financial reports in the business. Both are important to track performance.

Having the basic understanding of the Google Analytics (or whatsoever website analytics will package the business uses). In the Google Analytics, study those reports that are under achievements > All Traffic > Channels. Through clicking the “Organic Search,” you will be able to investigate performance for the SEO program.

google analytics

9. Read one or more SEO Blogs

Study the SEO guideline like the “SEO How-to” sequences. Then subscribe to the SEO blogs.

Free beginner, helpful SEO guides has the “The Beginner’s Guidelines for SEO,” “Guide to SEO,” or the “Search Engine Optimization Beginner’s Guide” in Google.


If you have lots of time and are eager to follow the industry of SEO, you can subscribe to any SEO guidelines blogs.

10. Ask Questions


When you are being stuck or just need answers, you can jump into the SEO communities to inquire some questions. The Google Webmaster Forum tenders the biggest SEO group on the web. Some other best options are also available such as WebmasterWorld Forum, Search Engine Roundtable, Moz’s Q&A Forum, and the Search Engine Watch Forums.

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A Parallel between SEO and a Birthday Party

When my daughter turns seven, I have decided to throw a children’s party at home. Three days before the party I prepared my house for the event. I want to make the house presentable to the guest as much as I can. One day before the party, I decorated the house with party materials thinking that the decoration itself will invite my neighbors and friend to come. I take time to visit my friends and neighbor’s house and invite them to my daughter’s 7th day party. I even went to my daughter’s school and invite her classmates and their parents.

The big day comes and I was busy preparing the food, drinks, party gifts and the cake. I remember buying one huge orange balloon and decorated it as a center design in the house.  I want to make sure the day will be memorable to my daughter and to the guest as well as to make the party an event to talk about in my community. When the party is over I have seen my daughter very happy as she went to sleep and the guest leaves with a smile and full stomach. It was a success and I am sure of it.

Okay, after this walk down the memory lane, I hope I have not bored anyone.

SEO is like a birthday party. The birthday event is your business, product or blog. The house is your website and the guests are the site users or clients. In this way, I believe many of you have the idea of what I am about to say. Even so, let me just continue explaining this opinion.

I decided to throw a birthday party

I decided to throw a birthday party

At first I have fully decided to have a birthday party. Anyone who wants to venture in SEO should have a fix decision to do it. Like the birthday party, there will be a lot of work to do, ideas to consider and the expenses to incur. Taking into account all of these points, a person should start an SEO campaign with a resolute mind and emotion.

I prepare the house 3 days before the party

The first thing to do in an SEO campaign is to prepare your website to be crawled by the search engines and be appealing to the users. I am referring to On-site SEO.  Three days’ preparation of the house for the party may mean weeks and months of On-site optimization. I want the house to be cleaned, impressive and guest ready and so should be your website. It should be presentable to both search engines and people.

The day before the party

Like a birthday celebration, the day before the event will be the peak of the preparation. In launching a site, before finally taking it live, the final touches should be rendered smoothly. The website owner, or its admin should see to it that the site is truly search engine ready and user friendly. The on-site optimization applied to the site should be effective to call search engine crawlers and appealing to the mind of the human users.  The site, on its own capability, is optimized to go and grow.

10 DIY SEO Tips To Let You Save Money

5 Useless SEO Activities that Won’t Generate Results

I take time to invite people

Remember that in my story I mentioned that I have visited people in the neighborhood and in my daughter’s school to invite them to attend the party. In relation to launching a product or service online, this action is corresponds to off-site optimization. A product owner should give time and effort to reach people and informed or invite them to visit the site once a product is launched. My neighborhood and the school represent Off-site SEO avenues to reach people and informing or inviting them is the linkbuilding way to connect with them.

The big day

The day of my daughter’s party is the busiest day of all. This should be the same in starting up online. The day that the site or product is launch should be treated with all effort and time. Here is where on-site and off-site optimization should be delivered effectively to make search engine crawl the site quickly and without finding any fault as well as to make visitors have that pleasant experience in navigating in the site.

House Party Preparation allworld seo

After the party

My daughter’s party is a success. Success will also come to website owners who know what it takes to grow their presence online. In the end, like my daughter’s happiness and guest satisfaction, a website owner can gain their goal and customer can obtain their worth.

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Like a birthday party, ALLWorld can assist in your business start-up and make your daughter proud.

Contact our party maker.