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SEO & Digital Marketing


Client: Dropshipmedia

Website URL: Business: Offers Video Ads Creation for dropshipping, Facebook and other Social Media channels.

Website SEO history

= As per the website owner, the website has undergone a re-designing and content change.

= The changes in website have affected the site ranking and traffic, loosing most of their #1 positions in SERP for their Service keywords specifically in “Dropshipping video Ads”.

= The issue has then affected the site conversion goals.

SEO Campaign Solutions

= Conduct Website Manual SEO Audit. To really know what the website current situation with regards to search engine crawling, indexing and keywords connection, a website re-audit is needed. I need to know issues to fix and adjustment to be made for pages and post of the website.

= Apply the necessary fix and adjustment based on the manual website audit.

= After completing the On-site Adjustment and Fix, I boost the site crawling, indexing and keywords connection with On-site Update by adding informative pages, updating old pages and post, and adding new relevant & focus post.

= I also boost the site by applying continuous Off-site SEO campaign.

Results and Achievement

= The first 1 month of the campaign has been a huge success since we have re-connected to the service terms and relevant keywords. We have also managed to rank on some relevant keywords in the first page.

= The second month is our milestone since we have regained #1 rank for our focus service terms “Dropshipping video ads” and some other relevant keywords.

= The third month is a continuous application of On-site SEO Update and Off-SEO application. We have regained other keywords #1 positions as well as gained new ranking in relevant service terms.

= The client was satisfied with the first 3 months initial campaign that we provide. They decided to continue with our service and currently, still applying SEO campaign to the site.

Proof of Success

1. #1 rank position for “dropshipping video ads” for Google USA.

First Content

Keywords Ranking History

Billing WeekAugust 2021RemarksApril 2021December 2020
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dropshipping video1Top Rank40
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dropshipping video ads1Top Rank10
dropshipping ads video1Top Rank10
drop shipping video1Top Rank90

Traffic History

Second ContentThird Content

DTI Business Name No. 3898690

Contact Us


Address: Block 13, Bukid Site, J.P. Rizal Street, Fortunata Village, Barangay San Isidro, District 1, Parañaque City, NCR, Philippines, 1700

Landline: +6383659300

Mobile: +639998693626 / +639353573953